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Our expert knowledge of the insurance industry and our close relationships with insurers allow us to achieve savings without compromise.

We here at Let Insure, are committed to saving you money on your business insurance premiums and providing you with first class customer service.

Whether you are a sole trader, a small and medium sized enterprise or a large company Business we  can and will work with you to help reduce your business insurance premiums.

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Insure Your Assets and Valuables

Protect Your Assets

There are many different types of insurance as your possessions are becoming more valuable to you and harder to replace. When insurance started the main assets that you would protect would be your property and your vehicle.

Now many people would get insurance for their phones, health and travelling. Nearly anything that is of value to you can be insured.

Life Insurance

A very simple, easy way to protect your dependants or ensure debts can be repaid on death.

If you died tomorrow what income would your family need to maintain their standard of living, the mortgage may be repaid but what income would they have? If you survive the term the policy ends with no cash value.

Term Assurance pays out a tax-free lump sum on the death of the life assured during a specific ‘term’. The benefits of the policy may be used to repay any outstanding debts or it can be invested to provide an income for your dependants’ indefinitely.

Varying elements can be included in the policy, e.g. indexation, this will increase the amount of cover you take out in order to keep track with inflation. If you need assistance with this or any other additional benefits, please contact one of our advisors.

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